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Fit Guide

Online bra shopping can feel overwhelming, especially if you wear a larger cup size. But don't worry, we're here to make it easier for you! Our handy bra fit guide will help you find the perfect fit. And remember, our return policy is flexible, so you'll never have to keep a bra that doesn't feel right.

Find your size

You'll need a flexible tape measure - but if you don't have one, a long piece of string or a ribbon will do the job. Just place the finger on the measured point and then determine the length using a flat ruler or a retractable metal tape measure, whichever you have on hand.

Note that bras will fit differently on different bodies and the best way to determine your true fit is to try a bra on. However, taking body measurements is a great starting point and will give you the best chance to find the correct size right away.

To fine tune the fit, please refer to the checklist further down this page.

Taking Your Measurements

Step 1: With a bra on, take a measurement around your ribcage, just underneath your breasts, following the bottom edge of your bra as it wraps around your chest. Make sure the tape is horizontal all the way around. The tape should sit snug around your body, but you should be able to breathe comfortably. This is your Underbust measurement.

Step 2: Take a measurement around the fullest part of your chest, making sure that the tape is horizontal all the way around your body. This is your overbust measurement.

Step 3: To find your band size, simply look up your underbust measurement in the TéAmore Band Size table below. If in between sizes, choose the larger one.

Step 4: To find your cup size, subtract your underbust from your overbust measurement and find your cup size in the table TéAmore Cup Size below. If in between sizes, choose a cup size up.


Your underbust measurement is 32.5 inches and und overbust measurement is 39 inches. Your measurements fall in between a 32 and a 34 band, so you would choose a larger band, i.e. a 34.

The difference between your overbust and underbust measurements is 39-32.5=6.5 inches, which is between a G and an H cup. Your most probable size match is an H cup.

Fit Checklist

Once you put your bra on (ensuring it's on the loosest hook), slightly bend forward at the waist and with one hand slightly pull the bra underband away from your left breast. With your other hand, scoop up all the breast tissue such that all the breast is contained in the cup and there is no skinfold at the bottom of the breast. Repeat this on the right side.

Straighten your back and look in the mirror to see how the bra sits on your body. Use the checklist below to determine if the bra is the correct fit for you.

1. The band is sitting snugly against the body. You can comfortably slide two fingers behind it. It's not cutting in and it's not sliding up your back.

2. The straps are not digging in and they're not sliding off your shoulders. If they're sliding or digging, play around with the length adjustment and see if you can get the straps to sit comfortably.

3. The cups fit comfortably - there is no breast spillage at the armpits or at the top of the cups. If there is minor spillage, see if this goes away after you slightly lengthen the straps. There should be no gaping in the cups at the top*. The cup fabric should sit smoothly against the breast.

4. The underwires should trace the outline of your breast root. They should not be pressing on your breast tissue, and they should not be poking your armpit. The center gore (where the two underwires come together in the front) should sit flat or very close to your sternum.

*Tip for asymmetrical breasts: It is quite common to have one larger breast than the other. In this case, please fit your bra to the larger breast. This means that if your larger breasts fits comfortably in the cup, there will be some extra space in the cup on your smaller side. If the difference is notable and uncomfortable for you, we recommend using bra inserts or "cookies" in your looser cup to minimize skin rubbing and breast moving in the cup.

Still unsure? If you'd like us to help you troubleshoot the fit, please email us at We're here for you!

Panty and Garter Belt Size Guide

Please use the table below to determine your ideal panty and garter belt size.

International bra Size Conversion Charts

Are you confused with the sizing on our page? Perhaps you usually buy British, French, or Belgian brands and the sizes you're used to seeing look a bit different than what you see here.

Please use the size conversion charts below to find a TéAmore equivalent size. If you're still unsure, send us an email - we're happy to help.


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